10 Questions About HypnoBirthing

    For many people HypnoBirthing has the reputation and flavour of suiting “Shanti” people. The majority assumes it fits those with a more dolphins, ocean kind of birth style :).  The truth is that it is a very much down to earth and practical birth preparation course, which suits any constellation a couple has on mind regarding their birth- home, birthing centre or a hospital. HypnoBirthing supports tremendously birth as it emphasise what is really happening during birth, what is the design, the blueprint of birth and how to best support it. Also when things take an unexpected shift, how to maintain the normality of birth and still make it a safe, healthy and welcoming passage both for the baby and for the couple into parenthood. Because of this and much more, HypnoBirthing is truly the birth preparation course which is, with no better word, ideal to enrol to.

    Have you ever wondered what is actually hypnosis? Why does Hypnosis support childbirth so well? Find your answeres on the latest Amsterdam Mama’s article I had the pleasure to be interviewed to, as well as to other  common questions about HypnoBirthing. and I am here as well to provide more information if needed.

    10 Questions About Hypnobirthing