6 week Sacred Childbirth Training Course

    6 Week On-Site Childbirth Training Course 'Sacred Birthing Queen' in Amsterdam​

    Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are at the heart of your power and magic. 

    There is a roadmap leading to this sacred space.

    A journey that shows the secrets to integrate your resourceful feminine nature into these profound rites of passage as an expanded new version of you; the woman and mother you’ve always wanted to be. 

    A Queen.

    The Sacred Birthing Queen 6 week container offers carefully handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings merged into a detailed roadmap leading you smoothly, safely and with zero concerns towards the birth of your dreams and motherhood queendom.

    If you’re ready to radically increase your divine femme power and magic creation to ensure with fierce love, inner strength and unstoppable vision the most safe, healthy, tender passage for your baby to be welcomed earth side, and for you to confidently relax into your motherhood, this deep dive transformational program is for you.

    7 Transformative Changes this Course will Give You

    1. Farewell social conditioning and cultural false beliefs keeping you feeling incompetent to give birth, and embody your true nature as a creatrix who owns the blueprint and power to manifest a sublimely sacred birth.

    2. Release the fear of birth is dangerous, needing to rely on medical assistance and interventions, as you transform into a knowledgeable conscious lioness mother who fiercely provides the safest, healthiest birth for herself and baby to be welcomed earthside.

    3. Freaking out about the pain of birth to become a conductor of sacred life force, transforming birth’s contractions into an expanded high vibrational waves bringing you into ecstasy into transcendence and ecstasy. You are born to do this, Queen!

    4. Release the stress about your baby’s health as you anxiously wait for the test result and tune in to your mama knows best GPS, priming as a self trusted connected to intuition and instinct mother.

    5. Drop the disappointment & frustration over how clueless your birth partner is and take a sacred responsibility for your emotional stability, communicating openly your exact needs and desires so you finally get what you want from your partner, moving into a whole new level of deeply fulfilling connection.

    6. Move from feeling emotionally yo-yoing by hormones and mood changes into coming home to the deep peace residing in your heart space where your clear vision and birth plan of who will be there, where will it take place and how you will bring your child earthside becomes crystal clear detailed and effortlessly manifested.

    7. Shake off the burden of repetitive family patterns, you are not your mother, Queen! And yes- you’ll do it differently than how it was for you growing up, as you shift into an inner oracle guided mother who pours her values, qualities and gifts according to her soul alignment into the family she is creating and nurturing.

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    The Divine Course Offering

    6 x 2.5 hour group masterclass training with me to reveal and activate your instilled genial blueprint to give birth with power, pleasure and purpose, free from fear of pain and losing control for ever.

    6 x 1 hour Somatic, Embodiment + HypnoBreathwork Journeys with me to keep you and your baby calm and energized throughout birth without the violence of hard physical pushing.

    1 x 60 deep dive group Shakti Power Activation to draw in a new vibration for you to give birth and mother from the heart with pleasure and potency, making pain irrelevant.

    6 x 1 hour Brainwave Frequency Mastery Masterclasses to rest your mind and free your body to do what it knows best- birthing your baby with flow, power and trust, so that you eliminate the need of medical interventions incl. induction, use of epidural anesthesia and cesarean delivery

    Doula’s Secret Sauce Sacred Initiation for your birthing partner to uplevel your physical and emotional comfort, serving you as a devoted trainee in the art of birth support through the ancient massage techniques and power points for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

    The Love Temple Template to identify the secret ingredients to bless and charge your birthing space as a sacred love temple at any setting- home, birthing center or a hospital

    The Spinning Baby Complete Guidebook to optimize your baby’s positioning for a smooth natural kick start and shortening your birth by several hours. No complications, ZERO medical interventions, pure full power.

    Hypnobirthing Courses in Amsterdam

    Kali’s Awakening Transmission to clear restrictive beliefs and blockaging fears around your birth so you ignite your superpower inner sight to invoke the birth and life you desire and deserve

    The Queen of Love Invocation to decode the 3 keys of power, pleasure and purpose leading to your safe, smooth and sublimely sacred birth

    The Days To Follow Immersion to discover how to provide yourself and your baby with the utmost soft nourishing landing for a happily ever after life together as a family.

    BONUS 1: 

    4 x 30 minute sacred audio healing to connect with your true path and birth it into action.

    BONUS 2: 

    The Mother Miracle Guidebook: Your ultimate guide to seal in new daily practices to serve your Divine path and mission.

    BONUS 3: 

    1 x 30 minute phone call check in per week for 45 days.

    Testimonials from Program Participants​


    “ Inbal has been critical to me in deepening and leaning into the divine feminine and my matrescence journey, especially at a time of COVID pandemic and lockdown.

    She helped me to connect to my baby, feel confident and powerful, to trust my body which translated into a powerful and peaceful birth journey of my son. For anyone considering birth preparation I can highly recommend Inbal and all of her magic! “

    Tiffany, Psychologist

    “ Inbal played a big part in my birth experience.

    A birth experience that was totally mine, grounded and fully confident of my body’s capability.

    I can’t recommend enough Inbal’s guidance, teachings and care as she focuses on the knowledge AND on the wondrous and powerful rite of passage child birthing is and the strength and wisdom the female body holds.

    That is what birth is, love!

    Elenne, Singer & Song Writer



    “ The birth of my dreams!!! I saw my notes say 2 hour labor with 6 mins pushing phase. I feel so peaceful and complete. I cannot thank Inbal enough for guiding me to this space and relationship with birthing.

    What a transformative, empowering and sacred privilege giving birth is!“

    Ana, Osteopath

    “ Inbal’s guidance, support and care has made a huge difference for me, but also for the father and most important for our son.

    Our miracle was born in the pool in our home. By sunrise the waves started and by noon our baby arrived relaxed and happy.

    Now weeks later he is still this way. We are convinced that his relaxed birth and pregnancy are the main reason for this.

    I highly recommend Inbal and are forever thankful for the energy, her warm presence and love we received from her in these amazing times during but also after giving birth.”

    Wendy, Human Rights Lawyer

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    What Makes this Course Different from Others

    My process for supporting you is guided by my psychic gift. This allows me to channel the information you need and work with your subconscious mind to dissolve limitations and rewire your frequency for abundance.

    In this way, I help to accelerate your spiritual, physical, and emotional ascension. Importantly, I fuse this with a practical road map that brings your vision into 3D reality with ease.

    If you’re like most women and pregnant mothers, you have a treasure chest of wisdom and talent, but it’s not converting into the confidence, abundance and flow you desire in life. Let’s be honest: if you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now. It’s time to get the support you need to truly THRIVE.

    This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to master everything you need to know about preparing and manifesting your dream desired birth and learn from someone who knows the path and has gone before you.

    Why not open yourself to some serious femme power, love, and guidance to optimally become ready and heal your soul while skipping unnecessary struggle?

    • I’m not only a coach, but a guide, healer, and a divine femme power activator. I help you fall in LOVE with yourSelf, so you can say bye-bye to the sweaty palms and panic-inducing nightmare that comes every time you think about your upcoming birth.

    • I design the roadmap that will cut your overwhelment and confusion into zero, while you enjoy your pregnancy as the best time of your life.

    • I laser in on your subconscious and help you shape your life story and belief system, so you immediately know who you are and what you are able to do (and manifest it effortlessly).

    • I work with you to craft your birth plan leading to a love based memorable birth and illuminate your inner femme powers and gifts.

    Practical Course Details

    Course Duration

    6 weeks

    Dates & Times

    Thursday’s between 18.30-21.00

    November 30th

    December 07th, 14th, 21st, 28th

    January 11th

    Location & Address

    Isis- Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood Centre

    Henrick de Keijserstr. 27, 1073TG Amsterdam