Your fertility, pregnancy and birth are at the heart of your feminine power and magic. There is a roadmap leading to this sacred space of birthing, a pleasure based path. A journey that shows you the secrets to expand and elevate to a new version of you; the mother you’ve always wanted to be. The key is already inside you, let me show you how to find and use it.

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    ISIS offers carefully handpicked evidence based Hypnobirthing  knowledge and sacred feminine teachings merged into a complete roadmap leading into your memorable love based birth. A sacred space where you can confidently relax into motherhood by trusting the feminine power within you.


    A deep dive transformational journey of potent feminine power leading to your soul fused sacred birth

    A power packed container of evidence based and feminine sacred knowledge to manifest your safe and smooth birth

    An all-round program of priming your body, mind and spirit to create your memorable orgasmic birth

    What I do


    Isis offers a delicate selection of birth support services.


    I am so happy and also feel lucky that our path crossed with Inbal during my pregnancy. Her Hypnobirthing course was felt very personal and provided a safe space where everyone freely shared their thoughts, fears, and excitements. She is a very special person and her support continued outside of the course and helped us a lot through our journey. She is the best!

    Melike Ozunlu,

    Inbal's course is definitely one to recommend, and a great opportunity for partners to get more engaged. Me and my partner felt well supported in our preparation for a positive birth. Inbal's professionalism and openness is an assurance for a great experience.

    Brigitta Nemes,

    Inbal is the best suited person to help mothers to be on their journey to embrace changes in their body and soul and their family structure. With her vast and multidisciplinary knowledge, Inbal is able to assist, teach, calm and promote well-being in any woman. If you are expecting and living in Amsterdam I highly recommend getting in touch with Inbal.

    Elinor Cohen,

    The confidence and knowledge your amazing birth readiness course gave us were completely invaluable, we can’t thank you enough. I managed to move, breathe and sound my way through the whole birth, and after 7 hours of active labour and pushing our baby boy arrived in a birthing pool.

    Michelle & Vincent,

    I was looking for a method to deliver our baby in the calmest and most natural way, without any fears and with full trust in the abilities of my body. Hypnobirthing has provided me with such a method – Inbal’s gentle and sensitive approach to the subject of giving birth has supported my confidence to have a fearless and calm birthing experience. Inbal gave us a thorough overview of all the possible techniques involved without making it sound too technical which helped us to select the exercises that suited us best.

    Hannah H,