Acupressure Points

    Acupressure Points


    Chinese Medicine offers a proven, non invasive way to ease and enhance the special phases of pregnancy and birth through the use of acupressure points.

    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, during the nine-month period of pregnancy the mother is physically and spiritually the vessel into which the unborn baby is placed, and her state of health is, in every way, of the greatest importance.

    To gift yourself with simple tools to support you through the final phase of your pregnancy and during birth, and for your baby to benefit from a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health, Heavenly Star Acupuncture and GENISIS Feminine Artistry have joined together to offer a unique 2-hour informative and hands-on workshop.

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    During the workshop, you and your partner will learn to identify and stimulate the acupuncture points located along the meridians (pathways) on the body to prepare your body and mind for the experience of birthing. You will receive essential information on how to lessen the effects of the aches, worries, and discomfort that sometimes accompany pregnancy in a natural and safe way. Discover how you can arrive at your birthing day in top form by releasing energy blocks and generating the secretion of endorphins, your body’s own powerful, natural relaxants. This enhancement of your health, energy and well-being has a direct positive influence on the development of your baby in the womb, as it provides him or her with a healthy stress-free environment in which to thrive. Once your birthing day arrives, endorphins will serve you best, as they bring you into heighten state of tranquility and relaxation, allowing the birth to proceed smoothly and easily.

    Combining techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypnobirthing, this workshop will equip you with highly effective measures to heighten your enjoyment of this special time. In addition it will give you practical powerful tools to:

    • Create the optimal conditions for your birth to start (especially in the case of a baby progressing past the due date when medical intervention is planned)
    • Bring about progression at any point during birth when the situation calls for it, in a way which is kind and respectful to yourself and your baby
    • Reduce the chances of the necessity of medical intervention,
    • Enhance your level of confidence, comfort and pleasure while riding the waves of contractions
    • Give your partner a central role in the birthing process. This creates a special bond for him/her and the baby, makes him/her feel empowered and proud to have been able to take an active part during pregnancy and later in birth.

    For a smoother pregnancy, pleasurable birth and healthier baby, join us for this special one time workshop. It will boost your confidence and energy, making you feel refreshed, calm and prepared to take on the arduous, powerful and most beautiful transformation of pregnancy and giving birth.

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    Hosts & Information

    Sandra Guy

    Sandra Guy

    Sandra Guy is an acupuncturist working with Chinese and Japanese acupuncture to support women at all stages of their lives. She has a special interest in fertility and pregnancy. Sandra has worked with many women looking to become pregnant, undergoing IVF, and at all stages of pregnancy – from morning sickness in the early days to routine preparation for labour and childbirth. She has taught acupressure to assist with childbirth to many of her clients. You can read more about Sandra and her work at

    Inbal Sigler

    Inbal Sigler is a Hypnobirthing trainer, Doula, Orgasmic Birth facilitator, Yoga & Pilates teacher and a Chinese Medicine practitioner. As a mother of 3 boys all born naturally, orgasmically on their own time and terms, Inbal specialises in Pre & Post natal guidance and care. She has been supporting parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family, providing them with the knowledge, magic and the practicality to experience the powerful intimate passage of childbirth, as it can and should be for every mother & baby and family.

    Inbal is the creator of the GENISIS Feminine Artistry, a synergy of sacred feminine teachings and modern evidence-based knowledge modalities, and the founder of Isis Hypnobirthing and Yoga – The Home for Birth in Amsterdam since 2013.

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    Thursday, June 24th 2024




    Henrick De Keijserst.27,

    1073TG, Amsterdam



    Early Bird (until june 10th 2024): €85

    Full fee: €95