Would you like me to help you design your birth care experience? So you can make well-balanced and conscious decisions. I’ll help you understand how your journey could unfold amazingly, pain-free and in the best way for your baby. Thinking about this can be overwhelming. I see many soon-to-be parents struggling and not knowing what to ask.

    Personal Advise

    I advise you to start with a 60 minute Care Free Consultation. Utilize my comprehensive experience as a mother of three, hypnobirthing trainer, birth doula, personal development coach and yoga teacher specialized in pre- & post-natal knowledge. Within this short consultation I’ll be able to advise you on your next easy to take steps.

    Worries & Dreams

    Maybe you are feeling doubtful about how, where and with whom to birth. Or you might not trust your body yet and what its pure powerful potential could be. Please feel free to ask me anything within this consultation about your worries or dreams.


    Lean into comfort

    Let go of control and lean into the comfortable knowledge that you are in caring hands. I’ve created unique methods, all based on practical, holistic and spiritual philosophies and techniques from all over the world. We can design your optimal and personal support within my courses.

    Book a Care Free Consultation:

    1. Email me via my contact form
    2. We will decide on a date
    3. A session is 60 minutes free of charge

    Looking forward to an amazing meeting with you and your baby bump,

    Love Inbal

    For any additional questions I am here to help.