Experience an Isis Hypnobirthing Course (Originally on Amsterdam Mamas)

    What can you expect from a hypnobirthing class? Becky Riddle joins Inbal Sigler of Isis Hypnobirthing to find out.

    Situated in the busy but beautiful De Pijp area of Amsterdam, the Isis Hypnobirthing studio is a warm oasis of calm. When I arrive for the first class, I am greeted by Inbal who welcomes me serenely and offers me a drink. Instantly I feel myself relaxing and looking forward to learning about childbirth and hypnobirthing from this intriguing lady.

    Shortly after I arrive, six pregnant couples join us for the first session of this 4-week course. They are all a little apprehensive, and when questioned, admit to having a variety of emotions including curiosity, worry about complications, and a fear of pain. They all express interest in the idea of a natural, easier birth experience, which they hope the course can help them achieve.

    I admit that when I first heard about Hypnobirthing, I thought it was a way to be hypnotised and ‘go away with the fairies’ while my baby was being born! However; as I learned from Inbal, hypnobirthing is just a term used to describe a birth preparation class – one that emphasises a natural positive state of mind and provides practical tools for a birth experience that is aligned with the couples wishes .

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