Women are blessed with a particularly refined sense of intuition; when we tune into it, we can help bring our wishes to life, whether in the birth of a child or the birth of an idea or project

    Inbal Sigler

    Birth giving is to your precious child, as well as to your new Self. Physiologically, mentally, spiritually, our whole being has been transformed, and potentially, to an extended even more beautiful updated version of ourselves.


    It happens so often that this change expresses itself through a massive career shift. Being peeled of all the layers of “ Should “ and “ Need” , meeting your self on the most raw, pure, authentic nature, the heart calling is loud and clear and a precise alignment with our life mission and gifts is requested and fulfilled.


    On the past weeks I had the deep pleasure of reconnecting with many mothers, who our paths have brought us closely together on one of the most heroine human feminine journey, the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. These beautiful women, each has heard and been following her heart call, and it is with great joy to introduce them to you, as I am sure at their work carries an immense value to every family they will connect with, and on a larger scale, making life here on this planet transformed to the best.





    I have accompanied Maxime Hofmans-Mennen of studio mamaison on her mutual journey of being pregnant with both her first born baby, as well as another baby- A boutique gym for modern maternity, offering tailor made on demands workouts and guidance to ignite the connection of a mother to her body and mind. I know her life mission and calling will serve and better mothers, babies, families, communities, HUMANITY with this unique space designedly to empower, love and guide women throughout their journey into motherhood. So when she asked me to contribute to this beautiful extension of her Self, of course it’s a full YES!!! Read the complete interview on the link, and discover how your feminine energy and inner oracle are true guides on your holistic journey into motherhood-


    About the author

    Inbal Sigler is a Tel-Aviv native, and a mother of three boys all born naturally, orgasmically on their own time and terms. And hers.. 🙂
    After the completion of an awarded international career as a professional Ballet dancer her passion and specialty have shifted and deeply rooted ever since in Pre & Post natal guidance and care.  
    As a Hypnobirthing specialist, Doula, Orgasmic Birth and women’s group facilitator, Yoga & Pilates teacher and a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Inbal has founded on 2013 GENISIS Feminine Artistry ( formerly Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga), an inspirational fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood centre. 
    Through this sacred space, where specifically handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings are merged, Inbal has been supporting thousands of parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family, providing with the knowledge, magic and practicality to experience the most powerful intimate passage of childbirth, as it can and should be for every mother & baby and family.