If you’re struggling to conceive or have challenges carrying a pregnancy to full term, it can feel like you have no options at all. Nothing seems to be working and the medical professionals aren’t giving you the answers you need.

    Stresses of Unexplained Infertility

    These days far too many women are being diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”, meaning that there is no physiological reason for a woman not to become pregnant. This catch-all diagnosis may do more harm than good by increasing your stress and fear. High levels of stress, anxiety, limiting thoughts and negative feelings can prevent your natural flow of conception from occurring

    Optimise Your Chances

    I want to open your mind to a new perspective, a spiritual, physical and emotional way of thinking, feeling and approaching your fertility. Optimise your chance of conceiving and prepare for a wonderful pregnancy and birth. Delve into your innate wisdom. And transform the fear and frustration you’re feeling into powerful energy. Decrease your stress and increasing your confidence. Return to a sense of control and relaxation that is necessary for a peaceful, calm, positive and viable pregnancy.

    Holistic Tools & Techniques

    If you wish to have a powerful tool to cope and resolve fertility issues, and/or to support you with assisted conception in a better way, than ‘Calm Fertility’ is a complete and holistic approach which supports the entire fertility process for optimal physical and spiritual results.

    Whether you’re attempting to conceive naturally or using conventional medicine for fertility treatments, ‘Calm Fertility Field’ can:

    • Increase your chances of conceiving naturally
    • Improve your success rate with ART/IVF
    • Help you to deal with the negative impact of an infertility diagnosis
    • Decrease the side effects of fertility drugs
    • Enhance your physical, emotional and mental balance
    • Create a fertile environment for conception to take place
    • Supports at any stage in your journey by maintaining optimism and calmness
    • Doubles your chances of natural success.

    The Calm Fertility Field use HypnoFertility and ancient wisdom from all over the world for a non-invasive, energising solution. The program integrates the understanding of the unique way the female body works. This is a highly effective synergy you can use to heighten your health and wellbeing. And lessen the effects of the heartaches, worries, and discomfort that sometimes accompany this beautiful journey. Keep calm you do have options.

    Please contact me to create your CALM FERTILITY FIELD roadmap to a healthy heart-centered pregnancy and baby.

    For any additional questions I am here to help.