[Guest Post] Shiatsu massage for pregnancy and birth

    Today massage has come to be seen as a luxury, but traditionally midwives, healers and close family members would use massage regularly (weekly or even daily). Shiatsu and massage are powerful ways to support the mother-to-be during one of the most important, sensitive and precious stages of her life- being responsible for creating a new life.

    The benefits of using shiatsu and massage during your pregnancy:

    • Support for your body through the stages of pregnancy (shoulders, neck, lower back, pelvis);
    • Being connected to your body and feeling empowered;
    • Helps to better bond with your baby;
    • The partner gets a chance to be more in tune with the mother’s changing body;
    • This helps feeling more involved (having a task to focus on) and helps him/her in feeling connected and bonding with the yet to be born baby.

    One of the characteristics of pregnancy is flexibility. Both body and mind prepare for the changes ahead.

    The body becomes more supple, allowing the ligaments and tendons to become more flexible in preparation for the birth process. In addition the changing proportions in the body put a strain on areas such as the shoulders, lower back and hips. The internal organs also have the challenge of sharing abdominal space with the growing baby. All these changes can create physical discomfort. Shiatsu can do wonders to support the woman through these natural stages and enjoy this period.

    Interestingly enough, research shows that increased flexibility happens also in the brain, since during this period the brain’s plasticity (flexibility) also increases. This prepares the mom-to-be for the possibility of falling head over heels in love with the newborn (no matter what she/he may look like to the otherwise ignorant passerby). Shiatsu can help the mother to be more relaxed, in tune and connected to her mind and natural instincts.

    Working on both the body and mind, shiatsu helps reach a more comfortable state of being to enjoy this special time in your family’s life.

    It is important to stress that shiatsu is not only a way of solving and preventing physical and emotional discomfort, but is also a simple way of experiencing a relaxing and enjoyable loving touch.

    Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga is delighted to host a Shiatsu and massage for pregnancy and birth workshop. The workshop will be given by Omree Shuval of Flexible Minds, a certified senior Shiatsu therapist

    Author: Omree Shuval

    Omree has been working as a shiatsu therapist since 2003 and as a teacher since 2006.

    In addition to his private practice, he worked in multidisciplinary clinical settings and national healthcare clinics, including a clinic for the treatment of chronic pain, working together with doctors, psychologists and other healthcare professionals.

    Omree taught in an alternative college and in schools, gave workshops in the Netherlands, Israel and Denmark. He is familiar with many alternative medicine modalities and eastern arts. He is a clinical dietitian ( and has a Masters degree in education and learning disabilities.