How Childbirth Education helps simplify pregnancy, birth, & maternity

    My latest post went up to LinkedIn today. I decided to write about how Childbirth Education helps make the entire process of pregnancy, birth and maternity simpler and makes it easier for you and for your partner to make well informed care decisions.

    In this short piece I talk about the natural progress of pregnancy, how it can be disrupted and how proper Childbirth Education can help. To read my post on LinkedIn click here please.


    About the author

    Inbal Sigler is the founder of Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga. She is also a certified HypnoBirthing trainer, Yoga teacher specialized in pre- and postnatal, and a doula. Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga is a comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth preparation course combining techniques of Hypnobirthing, Theta Healing, Chinese Medicine and Yoga. Inbal supports women on the amazing journey to motherhood in fertility, pregnancy support and birth support.