How To Help Your Partner be Your Best Supporter During Birth

    Having your partner actively involved in preparing for your birth as well as being an integral part in supporting you during the exciting experience will better your childbirth and strengthen your mutual unit as a couple and as a family.

    Here are my top tips to help your partner be the pillar of support for you, staying calm and relaxed so you would feel comfortable, secured and cared for:

    1. Encourage the mother to breath deeply, slowly and rhythmically through each surge. By mastering yourself this way of breathing, it will be easier for the mother  to imitate and become in-sync with your breathing. This will keep her focused and calm while concentrating on each surge as it comes, maximizing its efficiency, and by that making the birth easier and shorter.
    2. The less stimulation the mother perceive from the outside world, the more she can relax, focus and immerse herself in the physical and mental experience she is going through. As her advocate and supporter, responsible for the normality of the birth, make sure to keep all extra sensory stimulation to a minimum- bright lights, people, noise, talking.
    3. If the mother like it, massage her lower back, feet and neck. Either gentle long strokes or more specific pressure. if she asks you to stop, don’t take it personally. Women giving birth tend ti be very clear in direct with their wishes and needs.
    4. Be confident, polite and assertive when communicating with the medical staff. Being in a hospital there is a more strict protocol and perspective on how birth should progressed, so suggestions of interventions are more likely to be brought up. If this is the case, simply ask “What will happen if we wait?” or “Is the mother and baby are in any danger?” If the answer is no, In most cases what is needed is time, patience and respect from the surroundings. buy for time, another 30 minutes on your own to think and come to a decision.
    5. If the mother begins to doubt herself, continue to encourage her even more. Your continuous presence, love, care, support are essential in making her feel more safe and loved, thus allowing her to trust herself and her body and baby even more – it is a sign that you are close to meeting your baby.

    About the author

    Inbal Sigler is the founder of Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga. She is also a certified HypnoBirthing trainer, Yoga teacher specialized in pre- and postnatal, and a doula. Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga is a comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth preparation course combining techniques of Hypnobirthing, Theta Healing, Chinese Medicine and Yoga. Inbal supports women on the amazing journey to motherhood in fertility, pregnancy support and birth support.