Hypnobirthing Foundation

    Hypnobirthing Foundation

    Hypnobirthing Foundation is for you and your birth partner to experience at firsthand the delicate expression of Hypnobirthing and Orgasmic Birth. GENISIS will introduce you to unique blended rituals and techniques from all over the world. These physical and spiritual secrets will unravel a new knowing, a new understanding for you to make better decisions for your childbirth.

    Isis Hypnobirthing is the only pregnancy space in The Netherlands that uses evidence based knowledge and ancient spiritual techniques to create a sacred love based birthing space within your own surroundings.

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    A pain free birth is truly within your reach. We live in a time and culture, which views childbirth as an emergency waiting to happen. So, it is no wonder that the majority of mothers approach their childbirth with great fear, tension and stress. You’re not alone here and most tension is related to simply not knowing the secrets.



    This unique informative evening was created for you to learn how you can tap into your own source of power, revealing the truth about birth. Learn how your unique once-in-a-life-time journey will be supported, and how your baby’s birth can and will unfold as it is supposed to; smooth, intimately and with your feminine power.


    What will you learn?

    • Break through the self-fulfilling cycle of resistance
    • Understand what birth truly is so you can make better decisions
    • How your mind, body and spirit perform better as one
    • How blended techniques work well on different layers of your consciousness
    • Why a smooth and powerful birth is within your reach

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    Where & When

    We meet in a beautiful studio at the centre of Amsterdam.

    If you wish to inquire about another date or if you have any questions at all, please contact Inbal directly for further details, as all information is also available upon request.


    Henrick De Keijserstraat 27
    Amsterdam 1073TH


    Dates coming up! If you’d like to know more please contact me.

    Hypnobirthing Courses in Amsterdam


    €25 per person / €40 per couple (incl. VAT)

    The Intro evening is packed with knowledge, wisdom and magic designed to provide you with new perspective and the exciting possibilities within your love based birth.

    When choosing to enroll to one of Isis Hypnobirthing holistic birth readiness programs, our courses are recognised by insurance companies, depended on the package you have with them. Warmly recommend is on checking with your insurance company whether they reimburse Hypnobirthing or any other childbirth preparation course, as you may be entitled to receive a significant amount of money back, up to 200 Euro.