Inbal Sigler: Doula in Amsterdam

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    Who I am

    Isis hypnobirthing method by Inbal SiglerMy name is Inbal and I am a first and foremost a mother. I am also a doula, a multidisciplinary birth facilitator and hypnobirthing instructor, based in Amsterdam.

    I have been supporting couples on their journey to parenthood for quite some time. I provide all my services in Amsterdam, in English. Being pregnant is being on a journey. A wonderful one of creating and br inging love into life. And like any good journey, it also raises many questions, concerns and fears regarding the unknown. Knowing that you are accompanied by a Doula who can provide you with guidance and shed light on your path can be highly comforting at this time of your life.

    What I provide as your doula

    As your doula I will provide continuous care throughout your pregnancy, your birth and also after you welcome your baby into this world.

    My added value is in the information and the multiple disciplines I have been trained in and that I use to create my own methods for accompanying women on this amazing journey.

    During your pregnancy I will consult and help you with everything you need to know, I will teach you relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques and even some pregnancy Yoga moves.

    3 weeks before your due date, I will go on stand-by waiting for your call, day or night, when your birth starts (or even if you are uncertain it started). Once the birth begins, you can count on me to stay with you for as long as it takes, until together, we welcome your new baby into the world.

    As your doula I will also provide postnatal care and support, as you and your baby settle into the new life of parenting.