Inbal Sigler

    Carrying and giving birth to her first son have changed her life radically to the best. This mutual journey created not only a manifestation of love in a form of a precious child, also the manifestation of an inspirational fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood centre- Isis Hypnobirthing, founded in 2013.

    Devotion to birth

    Now as a mother of 3 boys, all born naturally, orgasmically on their own time and terms, Inbal carries a rich lifelong body of wisdom, experience and devotion to personal development.

    She has developed the tools to create your own sacred pregnancy and birth space. Through this space, where modern knowledge and sacred feminine teachings are merged, Inbal has been supporting thousands of parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family, providing with the knowledge, magic and practicality to experience the most powerful intimate passage of childbirth, as it can and should be for every mother & baby and family. 


    Blended Birth Techniques

    Along her awarded international career as a professional Ballet and contemporary dancer, Inbal delved into the flow of Yoga and Pilates, being certified by leading teacher training programs held around the world. Her desire to go deeper into the Self led her to the holistic Taoist philosophy of Chinese medicine, Shiatsu techniques and into the Theta Healing realms of transformation and creation. All these modalities on their deep sense of serenity, focus and trust are the base of the Feminine Artistry Method of the feminine body and are fully generated by HypnoBirthing®  and Orgasmic Birthing.

    Powerful tools

    Isis Hypnobirthing powerful tools allow living our potential to the fullest. Its from this profound state of wholeness that you will create a peaceful love based passage for your baby, and for you, a passage into a blissful transformative motherhood.

    This practitioner is affilated with the HypoBirthing® Institute and is currently certified and authorized to teach the complete HypoBirthing Program.