If you are expecting your baby, and wish to arrive with top body & mind shape to your birth, enrich your readiness and have your partner fully on board, then you are invited for a Summer In a Chateau Birth Preparation Oasis.


    Concealed in the woods of The Veluwe, this impressive estate is nestled with its luxurious ambiance and classic elegance. The sounds and scents of the lush natural surroundings are the perfect setting for taking a pause from the accelerated pace of life, revitalise and replenish while discovering the roadmap to experience a birth beyond your wildest imagination. A powerful, smooth, transformative, pivotal, intimate, PLEASURABLE(!) Yes, even that, birth.

    Lying in the province of Gelderland, the Veluwe is a sought-after destination in The Netherlands. A continuous expanse of natural landscape, blending forests with heathlands, sand drifts and lakes, this area has it all- from beautiful nature reserves, Holland’s largest estates, cultural discoveries, culinary delights to ancient Hanseatic towns where the atmosphere of the 14th and 15th centuries is still tangibly present.

    The “Summer In a Chateau Birth Preparation Oasis” is the ultimate getaway to spend some much needed time re-energising yourself while deepening your bonds with your baby and your partner. Your body will feel strong and lengthened, and with a mind grounded in calm, you are prepared to take on the beautiful transformation of pregnancy and giving birth. Scrumptious local food served at the Michelin Star restaurant, doses of nature everyday, you will share time with a like-minded group of couples, enabling you to tap into the transcendent experience birth is at its potential.


    Expect to feel reconnected with what’s most important to you during the sacred transition of your baby from your womb into your arms, and how to manifest that on your birthing day. On this bubble of time solely dedicated to a once in a life time event, you gain a clear insight into the primal knowledge and essential practicality needed to experience the great mystery and wonder of life – childbirth. Release all fears about birth you may be holding onto, and let a deep sense of confidence, trust and restful state to create an experience that is precisely aligned with your wishes.


    Approach pregnancy, birth and motherhood with this complete holistic perspective. Receive information and the birth education needed to support you on your birth. Practice series of body, mind and spirit exercises and learn varied hands-on practices for greater comfort and ease. Your partner is fully engaged, and together you realise how to become the active generator of your birth, as a whole new window opens for possibilities you may have not thought that are there for you. Take home a renewed sense of empowerment and the cultivation of one’s own response ability to make choices out of power and inner wisdom, creating a peaceful and meaningful life and motherhood.



    The Chateau is located in the middle of the woods of Leuvenum. This rural, tranquil setting is an inspiring location for our gathering to meet in quietness and privacy. The grounds feature a heated outside swimming pool, terraces, beautiful gardens, and large green spaces that are perfect for walking or hiking. Immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of this stunning countryside!

    For dinner and lunch, the hotel will surprise you with some culinary adventures. Enjoy a four course dinner in the Michelin Star restaurant, or on its sheltered terrace. will make sure the food will be served with special requirements to accommodate any specific need. The changing seasonal menu with classical and contemporary dishes will be a perfect way to pamper your senses.


    All of the estate rooms are stylish and will make you experience the sounds and scents of the lush natural surroundings. With in-room air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms, the antique furniture and warm atmosphere of these rooms combine classical elegance with comfort.


    Friday 24th of August as from 03.00 pm you are invited to arrive. We will welcome you personally, assist with the luggage as you settle comfortably into your beautiful room. Upon your arrival you are welcome in the lounge where coffee or tea will be served, take a dip in the heated swimming pool, relax at the outside terrace which offers fabulous views of the gardens and surrounding woods.

    In the early evening join for a meet & greet at the private conference space. The entire program will be held at this spacious room bathed in sunlight and equipped with all props needed to accommodate you in comfort.

    The evening session explores the truths about birth, realising the optimal blue print we women are equipped with to experience a smooth, powerful and pleasurable birth and your partner’s role to put it into action. This part of the program is consisted of hands on comfort measures, indulging massage for the both of you and a sweet guided relaxation practice, so you are all mellow and united to continue with the intimate activities of the evening.

    Before dinner you will be served aperitif in the bar, virgin for the ladies, please! you will enjoy a four course dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant, dining as a couple.

    Saturday 25th of August 2018

    07.30 – 10.00 am Breakfast is served in the main Restaurant. a buffet style combined with the possibility to order dishes such as a variety of egg preparations, waffles and pancakes.

    10.00-11.00 Am Yin Flow Yoga class for mothers & babies

    At 11.15 am we will continue making our way into the core principles and primal knowledge of birthing, bringing into the light its multifaceted dimensions. Shining the light on our own innate amazing abilities and bring them into the surface. This part is packed with practices to create space, symmetry and balance for your baby to assume optimal position to begin and continue their journey with smoothness and ease. You will equip yourselves with numerous natural, non-invasive and powerful ways to encourage you birth to unfold safely and healthy, even when special circumstances arise.

    Break is the time to be determined. Possibilities are many- étagère with sweets, pastries, smoothies, fresh fruits and healthy snack.

    After the morning session a local produce and delicious lunch will be served.

    The schedules is specifically created to provide personal space and free time. Enjoy a hight tea in the gardens, make beautiful walks in the woods. There are cycling options and a golf-court is nearby, or just relax by the pool with a  journal, books, and whatever else you’ve been wanting to indulge in!.

    Late afternoon we meet for the closing session.Taking a close look at the spiritual and emotional aspects of the birthing mother, baby’s perspective and experience, Doula practices and pleasure enhancement, Acupressure Points for comfort, ease and smooth unfolding, breathing techniques, and more relaxation..Wholesome feeds into your baby, providing the best possible start in life, as he or she will enter the world in a calm and peaceful way, greeted by calm and loving parents.



    Inbal Sigler is a Hypnobirthing trainer, Doula, Yoga & Pilates teacher and a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Specialising in Pre & Post natal guidance and care, she has been supporting parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family, providing them with the knowledge and practicality needed for a smooth pregnancy and a gentle, fear-free and easy natural birth

    Inbal is the creator of the Isis Hypnobirhting method, which combines multiple teachings and practices and the founder of Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga – Women Care Centre in Amsterdam.


    The package includes:

    • 1 night accommodation at the stunning Relais & Chateaux Hotel
    • Delicious, locally-sourced meals (arrival day four course dinner in Michelin Star restaurant, through departure day lunch)
    • Full tuition of Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga birth preparation program
    • A pregnancy Yoga class
    • Birth preparation & Yoga equipment – mats, pillows, blankets, towels, essential oils


    • Transportation and transfers costs.
    • Travel insurance – HIGHLY recommended
    • drinks during dinner
    • drinks outside the conference room
    • Personal expenses – shopping, alcohol, gratuities, etc.


    • Private Yoga class with Inbal
    • Birth preparation private session with Inbal
    • Counselling session with Inbal


    From direction Amsterdam:

    • From Amersfoort, follow direction Zwolle, A28
    • On the  A28 take exit 13, Harderwijk – Lelystad
    • Then follow direction, Elspeet-Apeldoorn, N302
    • After about 8 KM, take the exit to the right, Elspeet
    • On this road you follow about 2KM, then go left at our sign

    From Schiphol by train to Station Harderwijk. From there take the bus 104 direction Apeldoorn. Get off the bus by stop “Het Roode Koper””. Then a walk across the driveway. Travel time 20 minutes.

    From Station Ermelo to Het Roode Koper we advise a taxi to our estate. Travel time 10 minutes. We are happy to organise both pick up and drop off in time for your trains. Please let us know in advance, so it can be arranged for you. 


    Early Bird fee-€835 Valid till June 12th, 2018.

    Full fee- €935

    Prices are including VAT, and designed for a couple to attend.

    The tuition of Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga birth preparation program included on the weekend retreat can be reimbursed almost fully by your insurance company. Please check this directly with your provider. With a reduced price its even more accessible to enjoy this amazing location and the special content and spirit to serve you greatly on your birth.

    For more information regarding the payment, terms and conditions, please find them on the link


    Please fill out the contact form indicating your interest. Upon receipt of your registration, your booking is confirmed.

    A €475 non- refundable deposit is required to secure your space in the Summer In a Chateau Birth Preparation Oasis. The amount is applied to your total cost.

    For further information, please contact Inbal directly, will be happy to shine light on it all- or at +31(0)685365403

    Het Roode Koper Chateau  in the woods of Leuvenum.

    Early Bird fee-€835 Valid till June 12th, 2018.

    Full fee- €955

    Prices are including VAT, and designed for a couple to attend.

    The tuition of Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga birth preparation program included on the weekend retreat can be reimbursed almost fully by your insurance company. Please check this directly with your provider. With a reduced price its even more accessible to enjoy this amazing location and the special content and spirit to serve you greatly on your birth.