My personal journey of birth and life

    It is time, I feel, I shared my own personal birth story and, well, life story because carrying my son inside me and giving birth to him were defining experiences for me. The mutual journey of growth and development that we shared has produced not only a manifestation of love in the form of a precious human being, but the creation of Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga- The Home For Birth in Amsterdam. These two births were preceded by nine months of preparations and my life long journey of self-development, growth and most of all- listening to my inner voice and following the call my heart consistently expressed.

    6 years ago if someone had told me that this is how my life will be, I would have most likely half smiled skeptically. At the time, I was living in Berlin, fully immersed and devoted to the needs a professional ballet dancer’s life style demanded. During my training and while enjoying an international dance career, I was always curious about different methods and philosophies that support and promote the art of dance, and in a much larger sense, widen the perception of life. So I was riding on the flow of Yoga, and fine-tuning it with the precision of alignment achieved by the Pilates method. With unflagging curiosity about the subtler and more spiritual levels of existence, I delved into the depth of the Chinese medicine and Shiatsu technique and Theta Healing realms of transformation and creation. All these, while paving my way in this big wonderful city together with being in a relationship with a guy who was clearly not serving my highest purpose, but for sure had his essential role in teaching me what should not be included in a loving, uplifting connection between two human beings.

    Time passed, and the feeling that I should be somewhere else, finding other channels to express the wholesome that I am, started to raise its head more and more. Audition after audition, fight after fight, it was clear for me that a decision needed to be made if I wanted to live the life I deserved to live. It felt as if the earth has been taken away under my feet. My identity, everything which was familiar and safe up to this point were no longer making sense. But with the great confusion there was also a part of me, an under stream, full of excitement and quiet knowledge of what exactly needed to be done in order for me to live my potential to the fullest.

    For years, since I was a teenager, I felt a strong attraction to Amsterdam. A feeling which can only be described as feeling at home here. The many vacations I spent in the city, the performances my profession brought on my way, again and again I was mysteriously attracted to the water, to the obvious and hidden beauty of the city which made my heart expand on any walk I took.  So, when it came to a point when the universe made me face the question of where I wish to be located geographically, and on a larger scale, of how I am going to navigate and lead my life, my internal compass pointed clearly towards Amsterdam. It was as if all conditions, internal and external were harmoniously aligned, ready for me to make the great leap of faith of my life. And I took it with two embracing hands!

    On a cold snowy day I went on a train with one way ticket and a suitcase knowing I simply must be here. With no work, family or partner, but full of trust, motivation power and openness towards what life will unfold for me. The journey was fluctuated, no doubt about that. I needed the time to process, shed and heal from past experiences and the imprint they carved in me. When the time was right and I was ready to emerge into the world again, here I’ve met my man, here Adam was born and here Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga came to life.

    When I look back on the great journey I courageously made and still make day after day, all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly in place. Each event led to the next, each person, place and experience were vital to the creation of space for my Self to shine. I see now how my continuous personal journey, which started with the external, physical dimension, has moved towards the subtle, with its intertwining ways and closing circles. I find all these layers enrich and complete each other, as they let us live our potential to the fullest in a profound state of wholeness. Today I own the knowledge to ALWAYS follow my dreams, listen to my heart and trust that it all work out superbly well beyond the wildest expectation. I believe that we are all here on this earth with a purpose, with a life mission, and it is in our hands, right and responsibility to ensure its manifestation. I believe that enhancing and balancing all aspects of our being generates a sense of calm and wholeness which is essential in living the life that we wish and deserve. I believe this is our essence, and what should be transferred to the future generations. This is what I bring into my life, into my life mission and passion as I support mothers and partners on their own amazing journey of transformation and growth, of becoming a family.