ORGASMIC BIRTH (video)


    Birth and Pleasure. Two words which often are not placed side by side, yet are intrinsic to return women to their original blueprint of birth.

    Enjoy our expansive conversation about pleasure, power and pregnancy that may shift your ideas around the possibilities of birth and pleasure.



    Inbal Sigler is the founder of FEM- Feminine Flow Movement, a leading provider of childbirth support services, and a sacred childbirth mentor

    As a sought-after speaker at international midwifery conferences worldwide, Inbal has guided thousands of parents on their remarkable journey to becoming a family.

    Whether through her inspirational fertility, pregnancy, and birth center in Amsterdam or online, Inbal connects women back to their natural abilities, innate wisdom and magic to fully express the birth and life we desire.

    With her expertise grounded in Hypnobirthing, NLP, TCM, and EFT, Inbal serves as a deep space holder—a sacred women’s group facilitator, holistic Doula, and Orgasmic Birth keeper. Additionally, she is a qualified prenatal Yoga & Pilates trainer, sharing her signature Feminine Flow Method with students.

    As a mother of 3 wild spirited boys, Inbal has cultivated a fierce wisdom and support collective where women embrace their inherent nature to fully express the birth and life they desire by celebrating the strength and beauty of womanhood.