SACRED BIRTH WISDOM- An Orgasmic Birth Education Training


    While commonly viewed as a biological and physiological process, birth is a rich multi-layered experience that connects us to the deepest aspects of our existence.⁠ 

    ⁠It reforms and transforms us so that we can express this greater reality in the everyday world, so that we can meet and live life with the same interconnectedness and reverence our babies feel for it. 

    Sacred Birth Wisdom provides birth professionals with a deep understanding of birth as a transformative experience, highlighting the potential for orgasmic birth, as it explores what is mostly unknown and overlooked-  Birth’s inherent spiritual, energetic and sexual nature.⁠

    By uncovering the interaction between spirituality, sexuality, the feminine psyche and childbirth, exploring the subtle realms that greatly influence the physical manifestation of birth, you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to best support mothers and families on their holistic journey leading into a full expression of birth’s potent and sacred nature. 

    Sacred Birth Wisdom- An Orgasmic Birth Education Training for Birth Professionals

    “I highly recommend Inbal’s training for any birth worker seeking a deeper understanding of this sacred process, as it will enable you to fully support women as they surrender to the intense, raw, yet simultaneously⁠ transcendent and powerful nature of birth.⁠”

    Michelle Ten Berge⁠, VIVE Vroedvrouwen in Verbinding⁠

    Holistic Midwife

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    MODULE 1: Foundations of Spiritual and Energetic Birth

    • The role of spirituality, energy work, and sacred practices during childbirth
    • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the psychological, spiritual, sexual and energetic dimensions of birth that contribute to an orgasmic birth experiences.
    • Acquire skills to support and guide mothers seeking an orgasmic birth experience.
    •  Cultivate self-awareness and spiritual growth to enhance a doula-client relationship based on trust, respect, and shared intention.
    • History, cultural perspectives, and myths surrounding orgasmic birth.

    Module 2: Spiritual and Energetic Anatomy of Orgasmic Birth

    • Understanding chakras, energy meridians, and their influence on childbirth.
    • Expanding consciousness and connecting to the divine during birth.
    • Breath work, visualisation, affirmations, and meditation techniques.
    • The essence of the Sacred Feminine and its expression through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
    • Exploring birth as a catalyst for personal transformation

    Module 3: Integrating Sexuality and Sensuality into Birth

    • Examining the intersection of sexuality, sensuality, and childbirth.
    • Navigating societal taboos and reclaiming sexual energy in the birth space.
    • Conception of Emotion-the emotional journey of pregnancy and birth
    • Supporting mothers seeking orgasmic birth and managing expectations.

    Module 4: Sacred Rituals and Spaces for Orgasmic Birth

    • Sacred Passages: Navigating the Spiritual Dimensions of Birth
    • Creating sacred birthing environments.
    • Incorporating rituals, ceremonies, and blessings into the birth process.
    • Honouring transitions and facilitating a holistic birth experience.

    Module 5: Spiritual and Energetic Challenges and Support

    • Addressing spiritual and energetic challenges that may arise.
    • Supporting mothers with past trauma or spiritual apprehensions during birth.
    • Nurturing self-care practices and providing postpartum support.
    • Cultivating spiritual bonding and conscious motherhood
    sacred birth wisdom

    Upon completion of the program, you will receive a training certification, acknowledging your comprehensive understanding of the spiritual, energetic, and sexual aspects of orgasmic birth. You will be equipped to guide and accompany mothers and families on their journey leading into a full expression of birth’s potent and sacred nature, as you foster a deeper connection with your own personal enrichment and growth.

    DISCOVER HERE THE BENEFITS of leading this journey, so that the mothers you care for fall in love with their birth.



    Inbal Sigler is the founder of FEM- Feminine Flow Movement, a leading provider of childbirth support services, and a sacred childbirth mentor

    As a sought-after speaker at international midwifery conferences worldwide, Inbal has guided thousands of parents on their remarkable journey to becoming a family.

    Whether through her inspirational fertility, pregnancy, and birth center in Amsterdam or online, Inbal connects women back to their natural abilities, innate wisdom and magic to fully express the birth and life we desire.

    With her expertise grounded in Hypnobirthing, NLP, TCM, and EFT, Inbal serves as a deep space holder—a sacred women’s group facilitator, holistic Doula, and Orgasmic Birth keeper. Additionally, she is a qualified prenatal Yoga & Pilates trainer, sharing her signature Feminine Flow Method with students.

    As a mother of 3 wild spirited boys, Inbal has cultivated a fierce wisdom and support collective where women embrace their inherent nature to fully express the birth and life they desire by celebrating the strength and beauty of womanhood.




    The Sacred Birth Wisdom transformative journey occurs multiple times in 2024.

    The upcoming gatherings will embrace the energies of both the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, providing a profound exploration into the depths of birth wisdom and spiritual connection.


    Friday, June 21st 18:00 – 20:30

    Saturday, June 22nd 10:00 – 18:00

    Sunday, June 23rd 10:00 – 18:00



    FEM Centre

    Henrick De Keijserst.27

    1073TG, Amsterdam


    For precise dates and further details, please reach out to Inbal directly.

     Inbal’s profound understanding of birth wisdom honors both the shamanic and astral, pleasure filled ecstatic states gifted to women through the portal of birth. Her work in the world is a true gift to the next generation.”

    Sophia Schorr-Kon  KMRT® Soulful Doula

    TAP THIS LINK to apply and gain the skills and knowledge to guide mothers and babies through birth’s potent and sacred nature as you stand in your power to create a global impact


    I’m looking forward to sharing with you the soul and strategy to acknowledge, honour and celebrate birth’s magnificent blueprint on all its layers, exploring how it can unfold as a deeply sacred and transformative experience for every mother, baby & family.

    Let’s lead the change and reshape the childbirth experience on Earth.⁠