We both found it very intimate and a very special experience

    Sarah & Humberto

    Sarah & Humberto Testimonial about Isis Hypnobirthing

    Thank you so much for a wonderful hypnobirthing course, we were both very happy that we chose to take the course. The information you sent through afterwards was very thorough and clear, a great compliment to the course as it is a lot to try to retain and the pictures serve as a fantastic visual to recall positions and techniques. On a personal level, as Humberto and I have not been able to share all of this journey so far, it was truly monumental to be able to spend a day focussed on learning and experiencing this together. We both found it very intimate and a very special experience. We have come away feeling very united as a team, much better informed and equipped with knowledge (and a little experience!) to be able to have more confidence in our own wishes. It is exciting to be looking upon this chapter of our lives from a much more natural angle allowing us to focus on the truly magical thing that it is.