What I do


    I draw upon my experience as a mother of 3 boys, HypnoBirthing practitioner, Doula, women group and Orgasmic Birth facilitator, Yoga & Pilates teacher specialized in Pre & Post Natal in bringing you and your partner all the essential knowledge, practical tools and a lot of intimacy and magic to support your smooth pregnancy, and that your baby’s birth will unfold as it is supposed to be - smooth, powerful, ecstatic. This is totally within the reach of your hand to experience when approaching it with your body, mind & spirit optimally prepared. GENISIS comprehensive services, same as our unique programs, are based on and combine all of the great philosophies and techniques mentioned above, and designed to optimally support your unique journey of becoming a mother.
    Feeling at best during your pregnancy and optimally prepared to give birth with trust and confidence, these sensation are absorbed by your baby in the womb, generate a loving passage to the world outside, and for you, a powerful passage into a blissful parenthood.

    Doula in Amsterdam


    Being pregnant is being on a journey. A wonderful one of creating and bringing love into life. And like any good journey, it also raises many questions, concerns and fears regarding the unknown. Knowing that you are accompanied by a Doula who can provide you with guidance and shed light on your path can be highly comforting at this time of your life.


    If you’re struggling to conceive or have challenges carrying a pregnancy to full term, it can feel like you have no options at all. Nothing seems to be working and the medical professionals aren’t giving you the answers you need.


    Would you like me to help you design your birth care experience? So you can make well-balanced and conscious decisions. I’ll help you understand how your journey could unfold amazingly, pain-free and in the best way for your baby. Thinking about this can be overwhelming. I see many soon-to-be parents struggling and not knowing what to ask.

    For any additional questions I am here to help.