The ” Natural Beauty” Project

    It was an honor to be asked by Natalia Yushkova-Köhler whether Asa and me would be interested to participate on her photo project “Natural Beauty”, showing the natural beauty of moms breastfeeding in public places. This project has no intention to convert anyone to do so, but with the shaming around breastfeeding, the hypocretin attitude surrounding it, knowing there are still many places in the world where moms do not feel at ease while breastfeeding in public, Natalia wishes with her work to inspire those moms to be open and to this natural act. As for myself, I am proud to be on the front and be a part in making breastfeeding so normal and nonchalant, when this is the mother’s choice. Do you wish yourself to be a part of this movement? Perhaps you know of a mom who will be interested? Please share, ask around and write to Lets bring this beauty back to its natural essence!


    About the author

    Inbal Sigler is the founder of Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga. She is also a certified HypnoBirthing trainer, Yoga teacher specialized in pre- and postnatal, and a doula. Isis Hypnobirthing & Yoga is a comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth preparation course combining techniques of Hypnobirthing, Theta Healing, Chinese Medicine and Yoga. Inbal supports women on the amazing journey to motherhood in fertility, pregnancy support and birth support.