[video] Breathing Techniques for a shorter and smoother first phase of birth

    Being pregnant, I am sure you have heard that breathing techniques should be an integral part of your preparation, and on many levels, this is correct.

    Your uterus, which is a muscle, needs oxygen, fuel to perform efficiently. Your baby also needs to have a sufficient, continual supply of oxygen for his/her well being. And above all, focusing on the rhythm and the quality of your breathing will keep you clammy concentrated on the present moment, allowing you to go through each surge at a time while being fully relaxed in your body and mind. And this is the key element in experiencing your birth in a much more comfortable, and I am allowing myself to say, also enjoyable way that you can imagine, but we have just met so well explore this notion later..

    During the first phase of your birth, what is happening is that the vertical fibbers of your uterus shorten, contract, therefore the word “contraction”, and draw back the circular fibbers founded and the bottom part, so that your cervix increasingly thins and opens, what is known as “Dilation”. You will feel your belly surging, moving upward, and then receding back down again. To best support this process. The two techniques merged together, Calm and Surge breathing, are highly beneficial in helping you to work in harmony with the movement and action of your rising uterus. Rather than resisting the way in which your body is working,  you work in-sync with it, assisting the process by giving your birthing over to your body, who knows how to best do its job.