Women Breathwork Ceremony

    Women Breathwork Ceremony

    No need to hit the point of complete exhaustion, question our ability to mother or lashing out at our kids (let’s be real, we all did it. And that’s ok, we are humans).

    Great humans that simply need the time to be ourselves. To tend the woman that we are together and beyond the mother, the partner and any other title we hold.

    And as women and mothers we hold a lot. Raising 3 energetic wild spirit kids, I know all about it.

    And even with one, or with two and even when they are a bit older- their experiences, emotions, their LIVES and others we care for, we hold.

    And what about us?

    Caring and putting ourselves as a first priority is essential. We need to be mothered as well.

    Society loves us to think differently, perpetuating the selfishness and guilt, oh the guilt of a sweet mother’s heart…. so we continue give our energy to others.

    And we can sustain our role as nurturers when our cup is full. Not drained, stressed out, overwhelmed and beyond the edge. I know, I’ve been there like all of us.

    This is why the Mothers Breathwork Ceremony formed. An uninterrupted indulging Sunday morning ( Do I need to continue ?! 🙂 ) A warm nourishing space for a well deserved care for ourselves, for a change !

    Guided by Amy Viola, a holistic practitioner and a birth Doula, we will move through a circular connected breathing practice, followed by a period of deep relaxation and restoration.

    The Breathwork Ceremony is an opportunity to:

    – Release unprocessed emotional baggage

    – Meet and clear negative thought patterns

    – Receive clear insights based on your feminine intuition and innate wisdom

    – Become consciously connected with your physical body and spirit

    Mothers of Isis who attended any birth readiness program with me receive 10% DISCOUNT on the ticket’s fee. Contact me directly to arrange that, as this option is not valid on the cart.

    Take a breath from the busyness of life, and join this window to discharge and receive.





    🔺Important: This workshop is not suitable for women with a history of epilepsy, heart-attacks, significant recent injuries and surgeries, or those with a personal or family history of aneurysm. The breathwork ceremony is also not advised for individuals with severe mental illness, strong PTSD or seizure disorders or for those using major medications. If you have asthma, please bring your inhaler and consult with me before signing up. This workshop will not include pregnant women.

    Hosts & Information

    Amy Viola

    Amy Viola is a holistic practitioner and guide, originally from Canada. She stepped into the realm of healing arts when she experienced her first Reiki session in 2010. Amazed at what this session brought to the surface, she received her Reiki Master’s attunement shortly after and began practicing and being mentored by her teacher.

    The Reiki evolved into its own unique kind of energetic healing over the years, and breathwork was later added into her 1-on-1 healing work after she trained to become a practitioner with the Clarity Breathwork training in 2016 in PachaMama, Costa Rica.

    With a desire to support lasting change in her clients’ life’s, she became a certified Emotional Healing and Clarity Coach in 2017 through the Integrative Health Coach Institute.

    Amy is also a holistic birth doula (Wise Woman Way of Birth) and currently offers post-partum sessions from her healing space in Haarlem.

    Combining breathwork and energetic bodywork, Amy shares a gentle yet potent  modality for the body to release resistance and come back to greater self-love and acceptance.

    Amy moved to The Netherlands in 2017, and started a family with her Dutch partner, Teun. They brought their now 3-year-old son, Onyx, into the world the following year. Amy and Teun work together on occasion, offering retreats and facilitating group work.

    She believes that deep healing takes place in community, and is passionate about sharing group breathwork ceremonies across the globe.

    Practical Details


    January 16th 2024



    Henrick De Keijserst.27

    1073TG, Amsterdam


    Early Bird Ticket (until December 16th 2023): €49

    Full fee ticket: €59

    10 % discount for the ISIS mothers who attended any birth readiness program.