Yin Yoni Yoga

    Yin Yoni Yoga

    Pregnancy Yoni Yoga is a gentle restorative practice integrating the principles of Yoga with a feminine interpretation.

    With its continuous round flow from one pose to the next, you can experience a deep sense of wholeness, as we shed rare insights into the pleasure, power, and possibilities within your yoni yoga practice, your birth, and your magical yoni yoga.

    The class enables in- depths work on the pelvic floor area, which stores meaningful information and memories of a woman’s life. Opening and tuning in to the Yoni yoga and pelvic floor will igniting the balance, suppleness and juiciness within this mysterious and powerful part of our bodies.

    Along with the yoni yoga poses, yogic breathing, sounding and meditation techniques, all designed to optimise your physical and emotional stability, the practice regulates the hormonal activity, allows it to work its best, releases tension, increases circulation, relaxation, strength and pleasure throughout this unique phase when your life force and sexuality are massively enhanced.

    Offering a break from the demanding race of life, serving you as an island of tranquility to consciously connect, amplify and harness this sacred life force, which accompanies you gracefully through your pregnancy and present massively during your birth, as it is not only your baby that you give birth to, but yourself as well.

    Emerging from this journey reborn as a mother.

    This is an opportunity to become more embodied as you expand your capacity to open more easily for your baby, your pleasure, power and transformation.

    Booking ahead is required, so please send your interest to

    Tuesday’s 18.15-19.30

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